SMBA... Youth Mountain Biking in Boulder Colorado... VALMONT PARK IS A PART OF THIS... DC NEEDS A BIKE PARK!

Valmont Bike Park in Boulder Colorado

Valmont on the Gwadzilla Page

Kids and Valmont go together like peanut butter and jelly
and I bet a number of these kids are powered by peanut butter and jelly
saw lots of kids at Valmont on my two short visits there
moms and dads taking their kids to Valmont

too cool... DC needs a bike park
it does not need to be Valmont
a pump track and some single track lines with a few technical skill sections tossed in would be sweet

this dad brought his son without bringing a bike for himself
lots of moms and dads hanging out while their kids ride
while there were also lots of moms and dads riding the dirt with their kids
either way... they are fostering a child's opportunity to ride a bike

my kids have been to Valmont

these two women used to race downhill together
they no longer race downhill
but they still get together to ride Valmont
one was a nurse and the other is leads rides with SMBA

SMBA: Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures

more photos from Valmont on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page


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