Cross is Coming... Cyclocross is Coming... the countdown for cyclocross seems to happen earlier every year... well... not for me... it has been years since I dabbled in cyclocross

sort of like Game of Thrones' Winter is Coming
yes... it is coming
but still in the distance
yet that is no reason not to prepare


Jeremy Powers Washington DC Cyclocross CAMP

I need to get racing back into my routine
Sunday races have falling out of priority
a combination of the struggles of life... parenting... and injury
these things have shifted my priorities

time to put racing back into my priorities

so many great memories from racing
my racing
getting my kids into racing

the boys are older
time to get 11 year old Grant and 14 year old Dean on the Start Line!

MABRA Super 8

yes... racing and the whole parking lot adventure
I miss it

how the kids have grown
I wonder if they remember these moments

Cross Clinics
now... nearly every team in the DC Area has their cyclocross clinics and their practice areas
Fort Reno was our previous place to meet and ride
now we have our clinics at the Armed Forces Retirement home

Fort Reno

AFRH aka Old Soldiers Home

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