MORE at the Tour de FAT... The MORE tent on Advocate Row... and then of course the MORE Operated Bike Valet (fingers crossed that I have salvaged some of the photos of the volunteers at the Tour de Fat Bike Valet

I am going to rant about MORE
good times with good people

MORE is a Culture of People in this region

Ryan of New Belgium coming over to say hey to Dave at the MORE tent on Advocate Row at the 2015 Tour de Fat in Washington DC at Yards Park

Ryan is good people... Ryan has been involved in the local cycling scene in one aspect or another for years... being with New Belgium is a continuation of that bike centric involvement
all sorts of flashes come to mind when I think of Ryan at various EX2Adventure mountain bike races and trail running events over the years... well... I guess that was years ago

now I am seeing Ryan at various New Belgium events
and then 
some MORE events that New Belgium sponsors

nice meld of cultures
bikes and beers

New Belgium is an amazing company with an eithic
New Belgium is Employee Owned
New Belgium is Green
New Belgium is Philanthropic 

New Belgium Makes Great Beers!
New Belgium gives 100 Percent of the Profits from the Tour de Fat back to the Not For Profits that volunteer there


love the New Belgium product
am a big fan of the New Belgium family
totally dig the New Belgium people


Ryan and Dave Riverside! 
prime real estate on Advocacy Row
MORE right next to Phoenix Bikes

but what is MORE?

MORE is the Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts 
but what does that mean?

in short MORE is a mountain bike advocacy group
a group that works to open trails, keep trails open, build new trails
a group that builds natural surface trails for bicycles... off road bicycles
a group that rides bikes
that is MORE
and there is more

MORE hosts several local day endurance rides
The MoCo Epic and the Patapsco Epic
then also works with SCORE to put on the Cranky Monkey mountain bike race series
all while working with land managers to open trails to bikes, build new trails, keep trails open

don't miss a MORE picnic or a MORE camping trip
good times for sure

MORE fosters the youth cycling community by leading sMORES rides
that is small Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts 

there is really more to it than just riding bikes
since 1992 MORE has helped the sport of mountain biking evolve in this region
there are various regions that can all boast about their awesome local trails
NOVA Germantown Area-Montgomery County Patapsco Valley
and beyond

that is just scratching the surface
if you have mountain bikes in area surrounding Washington DC... you have more than likely been riding on trails that are maintained by members of MORE


fallen trees do not clear themselves
sadly... trash does not pick itself up
and trails often need to be fortified or re routed
as there is always the concern of sustainability 
MORE knows trails!
riding and building trails

MORE is a community of responsible mountain bikers
we try to spread the word on the ethics of trail riding
how not to ride wet trails and how to be respectful of other trail users
volunteerism is a part of this community
the Bike Valet at the Tour de Fat was just one example of how members of MORE volunteer

the trail builders in each region
the trail liaisons of each trail system
trail ride leaders
then of course the MORE board
there are some heavy hitters out there
too many to name
but a few of those heroes off the top of my head are Frank Raitai, Todd Bauer, and Eric Crawford

so many members of MORE doing so much
there are people with tools leading trail days
there are people meeting with land managers
some of these people devote some serious time to these projects
like a second job... without a paycheck

payback... but no paycheck

support MORE
I think I just got an email telling me to renew my dues

then lastly....
go to the MORE Website and see how you can get involved
maybe join a trail work day on your local trail or attend a group ride

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