Photos from the Tour de Fat... my limited perspective... and just a few of the many photos from the Tour de Fat

Space Alien theme to the bicycle themed festival called the Tour de Fat
Carnies in orange astronut suits
and then these silver suit alien people things
no I do not know how to spell astronaut
the day starts with a cruiser pace parade ride
costumes encouraged

it is a social day
all sorts of people from all different corners of the local cycling culture
Phil of Bicycle Space is tooting his trumpet

there is Phil of BicycleSpace out tooting his trumpet again
I think that is a Bike Arlington VooVooSuela
either way
Phil again... Phil and I talked about doing some DC mountain bike stuff... maybe an event at Fort Dupont

yes... my limited perspective
hopefully I have some good photos from the Bike Valet
not sure if I was able to salvage the photos from the Bike Pit
the Bike Pit at the Tour de Fat is always a highlight for me

yes... costumes encouraged
lots of good costumes out there this year
my Gnome costume could use some tightening up
or maybe a full new costume for the new year
but really... my beard does speak gnome

one of the better spectacles at the bicycle parade at the 2015 Tour de Fat

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