the flag is like bike lanes... removing the flag is only part of the issue... putting in bike lanes is just part of the solution... in the end... we need to revise how people think

it seems like it is widely believed that the Confederate Flag represents HATE and RACISM
if so... I fully agree with the removal of this flag from government buildings and from state flags
but really
we do not need to remove the flag
we really need to remove the ignorance that perpetuates hate and racism

remove all the flags you want
there will still be hate and racism

just like putting in bike lanes
it is the mind state of the drivers that needs to change
not the infrastructure

sure... entirely unrelated tangents
yet somehow I try to connect those dots

how do we change the ignorance of people?
that is the change we need

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Rider Todd said...


You're absolutely right. The thing is that people need to do SOMETHING in the aftermath of a tragedy. Removing the old stars and bars seems to be the simplest thing. I think that we'd both agree changing the culture of racism and hate is much more difficult. Getting a flag removed is much simpler and a tangible thing. Thanks.