today is Wednesday... not just Wednesday... but Wednesday at Wakefield

ah... summertime
I must admit... summer over the last few years has not been as summertime-esque as it should be
I am not swimming enough... not eating enough watermelon... not chasing enough fire flies... and I have not been racing Wednesdays at Wakefield

it has been years since my last W@W
I miss Wednesday at Wakefield and its softball league camaraderie 

for years Wednesday at Wakefield was a summer highlight
a summer highlight for me
a summer highlight for my kids

but life does not always allow the pleasures we seek
it has been less than convenient to get to NOVA after work on a Wednesday
it has never been convenient
but now... it is less than convenient

yet... this year I will try to make this happen
not today
but hopefully next week... or the week after

Scud was a one time major player in the PVC machine

but what about last night's rain?
was there any damage
and beyond that
who are the heavy hitters who make this event happen?

PVC aka Potomac Velo Club is the event promoter
but who within this club puts in the sweat equity to make this event go on as planned?
Tom Howe? Larry Cautilli? Jim Carlson?

Who are our major players?
these trails get so much use and even an excess of abuse
who are the volunteers at PVC and MORE that manage this trail system at Wakefield Regional Park?

bummer that I will not be able to get Dean or Grant out to any of the Wakefield Races...
but summer camp and other kid responsibilities will not allow
if not them
then hopefully me!

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