well... not a full recovery from the CF Card tale of woe... ended up paying 70 bucks and getting back some of my photos from the 2015 Tour de Fat at Yards Park in Washington DC

well... it is nice to see some of the photos from the Tour de Fat
it was fun shooting with a higher quality camera
thanks steve
but there is no knowledge of how it shoots without getting to see the shots
I did not take as many shots as I usually take
I still took too many shots

took that same shot in those ski goggles a year or more ago


amazing day at Yards Park
anyone else post any photos from the day?

not sure if I had the camera doing what I wanted it to do
or maybe I did
got a high percentage of my snaps of the shutter
shot less

that carney is comfortable on the swing bike
looks like he is just riding a bike

the word PINK brings up amazing randomness on the gwadzilla page
I recommend chasing that link

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