good lighting... excellent subject... beautiful photographs

Postmates Messenger!

snapped these shots around Chinatown about a week ago
knew when I pushed the button that the shutter had captured some nice shots
normally do not share this many photos
often I take several and delete a couple

but so many shots turned out good
I can not resist but share them all

what a smile.

chinatown and smile on the gwadzilla page

will she see these photos?
hard to say
the exchanges are often fast
there is information shared.. name and address of the blog
but then we go our separate ways

I would figure that there is the initial notion of chasing down the blog
but somehow... not sure how... but the blog gets forgotten

maybe Instagram would be a better venue for my photos
as the Blog is Blah
Blogger is yesterday's format

yes... great lighting
beautiful subject
wonderful photographs

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