kids are getting picked up from camp this weekend... headed to Raystown Lake Sunday! I miss them...

they are bigger now... these are all old photos
they are now 11 and 14
not as playful with me or the camera
we also do not spend nearly as much time together
they have their own activities
they are becoming more independent

but.. my boys are my boys
I still see them like this
until I see them and realize
I can hug them... but I have a hard time picking them up
certainly can not throw them like I once did

these photos bring back great memories
I love these boys so much I could cry

I love what they love
we love life together

I share my interests with them
I am interested in what they are interested in

I can not imagine the past many years without them in my life
I look forward to continuing our magical friendship

I will always be their father and they will always be my sons
no matter how big they get or how old they are

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