Photos from the July DC Bike Party! 3rd Anniversary Ride!

Eric and Angela
unofficail host and hostess of the DC Bike Party
Eric designs the routes
Angela ups the fun factor with her costumes

the DC Bike Party started at its usual starting point... Dupont Circle
but this "second Wednesday of the Month" event happened on a Friday

good gathering
lots of new faces
lots of old friends
DC Bike Party links up all sorts of factions of the local cycling community

chase the links
visit the archives
I am not certain why
but last week is more interesting than yesterday

DCBP and DC Bike Party on the Gwadzilla Page

yes... a good night on the bike
lots of smiles

great seeing Jordon back on the bike

lots of people at the 3rd Anniversary Ride of the DC Bike Party
lots of familiar faces
lots of new faces

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