right to privacy... the notion of photography in public...

a famous case for "street photography" expressing the 1st Amendment Right of photographers

street photography
it has its moments
moments of gratification
moments of anxiety

people can offer up a wide range of emotions to having their photo taken
some people are ambivalent
others are ecstatic 
then there are those that are perturbed 

scale me not just by my actions but by my intentions

this morning I snapped a photo of a woman on her bike while I was on my bike
she asked what the photo was for... I told her
she was stoked...  "a blog about cycling? that helps grow cycling!"
then another woman... not so psyched
she did not want her photo taken... she hid her face... then she barked at me about the photo
I shared with her information on my blog.. agreed to delete the image
then went on my way
she kept barking

I did not want to be barked at
my initial response was polite..,. but the incessant barking had be become gruff and walk away
yes... I barked back
but really... I just wanted to get on with my day

the blog is a thankless project
like so many projects

Vivian Maier has been in the electronic news with her amazing archive

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