Saturday I went to visit the boys at sleep away camp

the boys are at sleep away camp

a month of camp
a month away from screens
a month away from the city and all the stress of the city

a month away from our urban routine
a month away from the madness that is home life

Catoctin Quaker Camp

the boys are away for a month
the longest they have ever gone away from their family
this offered up some emotions

at the week one visit their mother came home with an update that the boys may not be happy
there was talk of taking them home early
I was not sure if their mother was running their complaints through the right filters
kids do not always know what is best for them
then also
kids can be very manipulative... saying one thing so they can score another

this visit was not much different
Grant wanted to go home for the night... I thought that would be disruptive
less than productive
more harm than good
so... we had to work through that battle

in the end the visit was nice
a Mexican lunch and then some shopping in old downtown Fredneck

went to a knife shop in Frederick and each of the boys bought a new knife


shopping there was a joy... everyone was nice and helpful
the boys were allowed to discuss and handle various knives
even knives out of their price range

it was a mellow visit
I fought the temptation to take the kids on a hike
I resisted the notion of taking them swimming at Cunningham Falls
they are hiking and swimming everyday at camp
this visit was meant as a break

great to see them... I miss them dearly

I think this long break away is healthy for all of us

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