summer... it has been an odd summer... not much water time... have not been to the beach and have not been to a concert at Fort Reno...

Fort Reno Park in Washington DC
Fort Reno Summer Concert Series

ah... Fort Reno has drifted outside my radar
Fort Reno on the Gwadzilla Page

years ago DCMTB hosted their DCCX Clinics at Fort Reno
cyclocross? yes... cyclocross

when I scan the Fort Reno schedule I realize I do not recognize ANY of the band names
but... I do know my waiter from Radius Pizza the other night is scheduled to play at Fort Reno this summer
I wonder if Ian will be on the schedule with something other than The Evens
Ian on the Gwadzilla Page offers up some interesting randomness

yes...  a long history of summer concerts and other unrelated activities and events
my kids each played rec soccer games on the grounds at Fort Reno
my older son has gone sledding with friends at Fort Reno
and now of course
that land is the space between the campuses of each of my boys' and their DC public schools

yes... DC and its parks
DC and its quite hush of secret things to do
there are things happening in DC every night
so many things for free... so many unusual things

what is that?
bet it had similar feel to the Cathedral Centennial

Cathedral on the Gwadzilla Page

it has been forever since I have been to the National Cathedral
I think the last time I was there the guards told us we could not play croquet on the grounds
they were polite... somewhat ironically one of the kids in my group was the son of the architect of the grounds... and he did not see why it would have been an issue

yes... summer... summer fun...
check out what is happening in DC
the Washington City Paper and the Weekend Section in the Washington Post can really offer up some great suggestions

 so yes... I need to jump in the pool... swim in a lake... get a sun tan or at least a burn
I need to let summer happen

What about corn on the cob and watermelon?

this video rocks!
that came to mind after I got baited into believing that the Lead Singer of Tool Found Dead!

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