"Unsafe at Any Speed" No the Corvair... my Trek Road Bike!

Strava Data for my ride to grab parts from my brother Marc


this does not happen over night

it is a gradual thing
the decline starts slow
there is a window of opportunity to replace a few parts
if you wait longer... you risk injury and greater expense

I waited too long... I will need to replace all sorts of parts

most people would have repaired\replaced this worn set of chain rings miles ago
yet I foolishly adapted to the well worn parts and their sketchy behavior

my Trek road bike's drive train is SHOT... was shot!
it is F)CKED!... well... was f)cked

the front chain rings were so well worn that the chain will not sit flush with the teeth
instead light danced in between the unnaturally pointed teeth of the chain ring and the chain itself
any tork forced the chain to drop off the front rings
could not climb
could not accelerate
could not stop in a track stand and start up again

yet I rode this bike DAILY!

well... couldn't ride this bike safely
now I can again

this weekend my brother sent me a text message reminding me he had some parts I had ordered through QBP and the DCMTB team

in that electronic exchange I made mention of my need for a used set of 110 chain rings... road not cross
it was a long shot... but it was worth checking

not only did my brother Marc have these parts... he was willing to part with them

110 bolt patern
just what I was looking for!

so... yesterday's ride was a trip to get the parts to fix this bike

ah... funny to think
with all the dangers of riding on the city streets
why would I risk making things more dangerous
this bike WAS a hazard!

but alas... no more
slightly worn chain rings are on the bike
old chain rings are ready for the trash
good for an art project nothing more

not spare parts... not worth saving unless I plan on making some wind chimes

it is interesting... 
it is so easy to see the problems and their solutions with other people
while we are unable to identify our own problems and our own workable solutions
each day when I ride my bike I see other people on their bikes and I witness their problems and think about what they can do to resolve those problems
while I continue living with my own problems even if they are easily solved

loose chain on a fixed gear or single speed
squeaky chain in need of lube
low tire pressure
all of these are issues I see on other people's bikes
things so easy to fix... 

my issues...
just as easy to resolve
yet... for some reason I neglect my issues
let them compound
allow the issue to grow worse and worse until it has a backlash that causes more problems

why? why?

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then finally I solve my prob
with the problem solved I feel a great weight lifted
the black cloud over head blows away
I feel free and clear

and I ask myself
why did I wait so long to solve this problem?

gotta solve problems
one at a time
solve solvable problems
prioritize them and solve them
TREK on the Gwadzilla Page
this bike was a inexpensive gift from a neighbor named David
he sold me this bike for a hundred dollars... it changed my riding
thanks david!

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