Wednesday at Wakefield...

Without the results it is tough to determine if switching from the SINGLE SPEED to the SQUISHY GEARED BIKE was the correct choice

It took me a few laps to learn how to pedal the geared bike. I had a tough start... got stuck in third... Julius took off in FIRST... I had a hard time reeling him in... took me until the tail end of the last lap to find his rear wheel. When I did I tried to find a way to put him in my shadow, but I got stuck in his. SO HARD TO PASS IN A MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE!

Made a pass on the powerlines right before the DIPPTY DOOS!

Got myself into first place and held myself in first place until the finish.

rewarding night on the bike

and that photo is from the Wakefield Expert Leaders... I am photoboming them (unintentionally)

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