Bicycle Safety

this is a draft that was scripted in 2011
I think I will just hit PUBLISH AND POST

Bicycle Safety
Bicycle Safety being taught in a NY School

Bike NY and the 5 Boro Tour

Bike and Kids!
it is a natural combination...
kids take to bikes like fish take to water or like birds take to flight
yes... maybe more like birds take to flight
as there is a learning curve

Teaching Bicycle Safety in School is a great idea... honestly... the way most parents drive... I would not think them to be good instructors for how someone should behave on the bicycle or as a pedestrian
in fact... Soccer Moms in their mini vans are at the top of my list for the most aggressive and least drivers on the road
and of course... these are the people leading by example
no wonder our teen drivers are such menaces

bikes and school...
there are great opportunities here

think shop class... well... cars are repaired by computers not tools
so... how is it that the people of tomorrow are supposed to learn how to use tools?
in what situation will people learn that they are handy?
where will people learn that there is a right tool for the job and that there are many tools with specific designs to meet specific needs?
some stuff will be passed down from the parents to the kids
but for the most part
being handy... being a tinkerer... well... this sort of organic hands-on sort of doing things will be lost
taking out a cell phone battery is about as handy as kids are these days
everything is electronic and disposable
well... everything other than the bicycle

the bicycle is organic
the bicycle is simple and clean
there is visible "cause and effect"
a Bicycle Shop Class is a great idea!

beyond basic maintenance and repair there are endless options
TALL BIKES, Cargo Bikes, SIDE CARS, choppers... bikes that pull athletic equipment
bikes that carry portable stereo systems
the options are endless


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