JonH of Fort Knox Five has passed away... Jon was a friend to many... impacting lives with his music and his friendships... RIP Jon H

Fort Knox Five lost one of its Members
JonH of FK5 passed away earlier this week

Jon H of Fort Knox Five
I do not have the details of his death
all I know is that he died too young
all that I know is what has trickled down through Facebook

I spoke with Rob before he went to BC to say goodbye to JonH
but I did not pry for specific details
it must be a hard time for many people
it was a band of brothers
the people that gathered around this music was like an extended family

some years ago Jon fell in love
Jon fell in love and got married
a few years into a passionate love affair Pam died
the loss of Pamela Horvath was crushing to Jon
Jon lost his Soul Mate... she too left this world too often

I am not sure what I believe about our time after death
but it is a nice thought to think that Jon and Pam are reunited 

love and luck to any and all who knew Jon H.

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