riding a bike to work... the best way to start the day... the worst way to start the day

less than a block from my house
well... at the end of the block from my house
or maybe down the block from my house
there is a 4 Way Stop

four way stop
well... not everyone likes to stop

this morning I rolled up to this four way stopped
waited my turn instead of just poking my way through
let this car go... that car go... that bus go.... then it was my turn
I took my turn

then another bus followed right after the other bus
this being a short bus following a metro bus
this fast f_cker just rolled through without even kissing his break
man... oh man.... I really wanted to light his fat ass up

called him the C Word and went on my day
then saw him a few blocks later

if professional drivers drove like professionals
the streets would be safer


I hate Seagways

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