that Navy Seal guy... he looks like he was a stand up guy with a beautiful family... that driver of that car just a kid without a clue... more than likely texting his friends about the high score he achieved on Grand Theft Auto the night prior..

Tim Holden died in a car-bike CRASH
not accident


very sad....
I grew up near here
very near the location of this accident
my mother lived 
but that is not why this story is "so close to home"

I too am a cyclist
and the way car drivers behave around cyclists is unconscionable

lack of respect for the rights of others
lack of respect for the life of others
never realizing the dangers that their behaviors elicit

I may ride my bicycle in what others view a wild manner
when I drive... I am alert and aware
driving is my main focus when driving
I am respectful of others around me
always weighing in all the variables

this incident could have easily been avoided
this should not have happened

it is beyond sad
lives have been changed
a family has lost a dynamic member of their family
husband.. father... brother... and most certainly a friend

RIP Tim Holden
may your family one day find peace in your death  

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