went to seem my son Grant perform with the Sticks and Bars Marimba group at the Gazebo in Takoma Park... was all excited to snap some photos... two shots and the battery was dead... rookie mistake!

went to the Sticks and Bars performance at the Gazebo in Takoma Park
rode sixteen miles that day with my son Grant
we hit a bucket of balls at Hains Point
later that day his mother drove him to the performance and I rode my bike
when I arrived I was excited to take some photos

snapped two shots
the battery died
rookie mistake
was able to snap two shots
the rest of the shots are from their performance at the Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market

the tangent of Hains Point is guaranteed entertainment
fantastic randomness when I search for Hains
great shots of the Awakening before its removal

not a bad set of shots
too bad my battery was dead when I arrived at the Takoma Park performance

the camera worked all day when snapping shots on the bike ride
never gave the battery any thought

great show just the same
the Sticks and Bars group is amazing!

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