GT Sucks! No... sorry... I am angry and I am childish... GT bikes do not suck... GT has a full range from the standard low end to the competitive high end

GT makes a fine bike
I can get petty and childish at times

my younger son has an 80's GT mountain bike that I have set up with slicks
it is low end and a tad heavy
but it is a solid bike
that GT serves it purpose 
when he outgrows it i view this bike as a possible daily commuter for a shorter adult

then years ago my boys each had a Chris Merriam hand me down
a skinny tire bmx bike
Ofori is also on a skinny tire BMX bike
now the boys each play for the same soccer club

the kids rode that thing in Lil Belgians races and loved it
light and fast
that bike was super slick
yes... a GT

and oh shit!
that first rigid 26 that both the boys rode!
also a GT
so many GTs in my life
almost certain I never owned a GT
but that is not the point

Ethnic jokes are Racist Jokes

I will admit
I am a little old school
sometimes my thoughts are a little like Archie Bunker
DWA may roll off my lips when riding my bike through Chinatown
so I am not saying that I am perfect
and honestly... I am not above laughing at an off color joke


so I was on Facebook and I see this image
below the images are some comments
I like the image and am often curious about the comments
one comment on this vintage mountain bike page called this a
"Polish Screwdriver"

I was not so much offend
it was not that I was shocked
I think I was just amused
as I thought that we had retired the Polish joke
it was just stupid
I thought the world had outgrown the Polish joke

yet... there it is
so... I could not hold my electronic tongue

if I were in a shouting match with this guy in a bar I was ask him if he shared the same views as Hitler
but I am more civilized than that
I can show some control and not drop to that level
the joke was low hanging fruit
not looking to get into an internet shouting match

the more that this guy typed the more I realized I did not want to engage him
those comment replies can get ugly
I have been there
I have done that
not looking to go there again

sure... I immediately looked at his Facebook page and thought about mocking him for being from Micha-sconsin.. but I refrained
sure I thought about mocking his Norwegian heritage
but I held back

yet I was still amused that this person did not see that his statement was offensive
when I sort of thought that the point of ethnic jokes was to belittle a people, to put them down, to express disdain and hate for that culture

then he comes back and tries to say that his joke was not racist... but ethnic
as if racist and ethnic jokes are any different
or if they are different
then it is okay to tell ethnic jokes

what a joker!
enough on this guy

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