the legs are still sore from the Dead City Halloween Alleycat that I race in this Saturday Past...

The 2015 Dead City Halloween Alleycat!
Event on Facebook

ah yes... a Halloween Alleycat!

great night of riding - racing - and hanging out
thanks to jason\neil\sean and all others who helped organize
also thanks to everyone who volunteered for a check point
cheers to all that raced!

and of course

thanks to the Party Martyrs 
thank you for offering your house for our pleasure
fantastic post race party!

time well spent...
good times... good times for sure

DC IS THE Dead City

photos by Paul
thanks Paul!

costumes were optional...

I dressed up as a Catholic School Girl
why? because Catholic School Girls Rule!

above... is what others saw
below... is what I thought I looked like


Bruce and John Dinn

my alleycat race strategy tends to be the same
look at the crowd
take a measure of who is fast
think about who is wise to the layout of the city
whose engine can I match up with

Bruce is always an obvious contender 
on this day... he was not only top seasoned veteran
but the racer with longest list of top Alleycat finishes
it was obvious that Bruce would be the wheels that I would try to chase

there was a LeMann's style start
I ran to my bike
then without looking at my manifest 
I left out of the park chasing Bruce

it was fun riding\racing with Bruce
he accepted my bid for allegiance 

we rode together as a pair for most of the race
until I flatted
then Bruce left out but not without offering up meeting at the check point after next
he went to 1010 Mass. to get the answer to a question
while I repaired my flat and then left off with the hope to catch him at the next check point

did not catch Bruce until after he had finished
at the final Check Point I was given the answer of "Baby" and a piece of candy
without "baby" and that piece of candy I would not have had a complete manifest
that would have bumped me back in line

Bruce finished 4th
I queued up at 5th

good times... super cool good times!

Dead City on the Gwadzilla Page

John Dinn won the coveted crown of DFL
Dead Fucking Last
John Dinn on the Gwadzilla Page

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