ah... slipping through my fingers... thought I would race Baker's Dozen but registration happened without me... thought I was going to Dirt Fest but there ended up being a scheduling conflict...

another year... another plan
fell out of the routine
time to get back in the routine

sort of lost my focus with riding and racing on dirt
that is not to say I did not do a fair amount of mountain biking in 2015
it is just that I did less than I had in years prior
wanna change that... wanna get back in a dirt groove

wanna get my bike on dirt
wanna get my boys' bikes on dirt
gonna take some planning
the boys have their "activities"

Dean is rowing and Grant is playing "travel soccer"


Alleycats and Parking Garage Races have been more frequent than mountain bike races and cyclocross races
but that should change in 2016
I miss racing... I miss racing my mountain bike
wanna get back into the groove

Mountain and Cyclocross

yes... Dean is rowing
and in his leisure time
Dean is crossing town on a fixed gear
kid has some skill on the bike

this summer Dean will be attending the Cutaway Cycling Camp
that should be awesome

Cutaway Bike Camp

lots of great memories of riding and racing
lots of amazing memories of riding and racing with my boys
love seeing their focus on the bike
it is tough to motivate others
it is difficult for us to motivate ourselves
it can be even more difficult to motivate others

the boys can be head strong
more Grant than Dean

but once the wheels are rolling
the boys love being on the bike

it is always better on the bike

pre-race anxiety
adults and kids suffer from this
but once the words GO leave the official's mouth
it is all better

Dean and Grant are AWESOME!
being a dad is not always easy
but I love those guys
they are my favorite people in the world

gotta get some stuff set up at the new house
got the trampoline
but when spring comes
there will have to be some fun things for the boys and their bikes

all these photos are old
looking forward to new photos of adventures in 2016 and Beyond

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