ah... the snow is melting... yet their are still chairs in the street

that whole debacle with the chairs saving spaces really takes some of the fun out of the snowday

this notion that "saving the space" is the thing to do really irks me

sadly... we need the majority to participate in the process
no matter what that process may be... we all need to be on the same page

if it is understood that we save spaces... great... we all save our spaces
but... the Police Chief announced that saving spaces was against the law and not how things are done
which works for me... as I feel that it would work just as well to not save your space
but... we need everyone on board

if a group tries to work it one way and others try another... well... it will surely fail

I say... do not save your space

be less selfish
act in accordance with the law

everyone simply needs to shovel out their space and trust that others will do the same
selfishness is short sighted

I hope it never snows again... I hate having to deal with the tension and stress of the opposing notions of what should be done
the divided camps 
the anxiety
the conflict
it is just not worth it

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