Bansai Museum at the National Arboretum... we rode our bikes... the journey was the destination... but really... it is an awesome destination

the weekend is behind us
it was beautiful
Sunday being even more beautiful than Saturday

it was a forced march
a forced march on bikes
it can be tough to rally the troops
there was resistance
I ignored all pleas for alternate activities
I had a plan

 had Dean return in the AM from his sleep over with his rowing buddies
allowed him to stay for pancake breakfast and then head home on his bike
pulled Grant off screens
yes... Grant had pick up soccer as an option, but we had not learned that until long after the meet up time

the bike ride was the best for all of the above
I lubed chains and pumped up tires
made sandwiches and packed an assortment of snacks
rallied the boys to suit up to ride

then we meandered our way through an unfamiliar part of the city to get to a place that I had only previously approached by car

The National Arboretum


How to pronounce bonsai in American English

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