gotta get up earlier... gotta get the kids up earlier... gotta get out the door earlier...

into work a few minutes late
the 7 minute cross town drive to school takes 30 minutes if we get in the car after 8am
today we got into the car after 8am
it is frustrating

at times I can not contain myself
I get aggitated... I get angry
I am loose with my language
too free with my words

I have got to control my anger

I forget... this transition is not just tough on me
this transition is tough on my boys

we need a vacation together
or at least a solid day on the slopes or on the bikes
need to recharge our batteries

winter can be tough
shorter days
cold and uncomfortable outside
soft ground that makes removes trail riding or even hiking from our options

kids are fighting me on ice skating
the local swimming pool is an option... but even that involves a fight

gotta work harder to push them to do what is best for them

the two most important people to me in the whole world
love them more than I can measure
need to show them and not just tell them
from here on out I will try to... breath and think before I talk

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