some data about bicycle commuters in various DC neighborhoods in the Washington Post

it is an interesting...
curious how they got their data...

wondering if they could remove me from the Mount Pleasant representatives and add me to Manor Park
Manor Park was thin in its representation
but I know that 3rd Street NW is a major commuter route
taking people from and through Manor Park

in short... my thought...

the neighborhoods they mentioned that were high achieving in bicycle commuters are places where young and single people live

while in the more established neighborhoods there are older couples and families

as a father of two I will tell you
it is not easy to be CAR FREE... in fact... I never tried it
my effort is to be CAR LIGHT
no everyone has the luxury to ride their bikes with their kids to school

and the churchies?
the big churchie anti bike campaign

well... it is not very "christian" (or any other religious affiliation)  to be so selfish over the public space that is not yours to be possessive over
the churchies often double park while in church

the older church goers could car pool
or better yet
park in a parking lot and have the church provide shuttle service
people could start warming up with some prayers and some tunes as they get into a shuttle bus

Wapo article about the breakdown of bicycle commuters by neighborhood


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