The Opposite of the Reese Peanut Butter Cup... TWO THINGS I AM NOT INTERESTED IN PUT TOGETHER... a fat bike and an eBike

quite simply..
I am not a fan of the eBike
and well... as much as I love the variety of bike options
I have no interest in the Fat Bike Craze

now an eFat Bike?
well... that is double trouble
as individuals... I have no interest
put them together... and I have ZERO INTEREST
because 0X2=ZERO

it is brought to you by these guys

eBike is like a she-male
I know they are out there
the notion is curious to me
I know that there are many who are crazy about the concept
yet for me... I will just avoid it
putting a motor on a she-male does not make things any more attractive for me

no... I am not entirely PC

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