too many photos... I took too many photos at this weekend's Alley Cat

yes... I am posting photos from this weekend past Alleycat

Photos from the  3rd Annual "Sister City Washington D.C./ Adelaide, Australia AlleyCat" Race
I was not the only one with a camera
Kevin Dillard was out there
so was Paul

Kevin and Paul document a good number of the events that I attend and also document
chase these links... the links are chock full of randomness
Kevin - Dillard - Paul

the event started at Mount Vernon Square 
then raced off to Chris Rabadi's place in NE where the manifest was handed out
only to end at the Colony Club in NW on Georgia Ave

there were only 5 Check Points
my guess... the race was designed for the colder weather we had been having

this Saturday past was a beautiful day
wonderfully warm
short sleeves and knickers did the job

the Alleycat is an odd event
no two Alleycats are the same
different organizers run them differently
who is in attendance will can dictate the tone

Alleycat and Messenger


I often try to chase a fast racer that I suspect could be one of the lead ponies
our engines are similar
we both ride gears
we both have beards


good times for sure
got to hang with all sort of people
old friends and even made some new friends
it was a good time

there were some technical glitches within the unfolding of the race
but hey... growing pains

no one got hurt
we all had a good time
after the race the party at the Colony Club had Gold Sprints
it was a party!

more images will be dumped on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page
check the archives there as well
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Vlad and his Ride

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