trying a new routine...

as a housewarming give Chris Merriam gave me a bicycle trainer


I was not certain if Chris had brought the trainer to the party as a White Elephant Gift or as a Housewarming Present... it turns out that Chris intended this to be a housewarming present

again... really

as I walked Libby and Chris out of the party Chris gave me a explanation of his intentions...
"try this... set up the trainer... then after your short commute home just jump on the bike for 10-15-20 minutes when you get home...
you will already be in your gear... just get off your commuter and get on the trainer"
or something to that effect

I thought I would give it a shot
yesterday I rode for 20 minutes and felt awesome afterwards
this was not my first session on the trainer in front of the television
it is a good plan.., if I do this a few times a week... my spring fitness will arrive sooner than the end of summer

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