WABA's DC BIKE RIDE... I have heard some grumblings of the 50 Dollar Entry Fee...

WABA's DC BIKE RIDE on May 22nd 2016

WABA Registration for the DC BIKE RIDE is OPEN!

article about the ride in Washingtonian Mag Online

on the Book of Face I have seen some chatter about the 50 Dollar Entrance Fee
my feeling...
then on the ride into work I had a discussion with a friend of mine on the topic of the entry fee

WABA is a not for profit
I would think that they have done some cost analysis... knowing what it will cost to throw the event and then make some money for future WABA projects
insurance alone must cost a bit... then I know nothing about city shut down... but there may be a fee for a "police presence" and then lastly
I assume that there are aid stations along the way stocked with fuel food and fun

as a Not For Profit none of the WABA employees are over paid
most of the WABA staff is underpaid
the WABA staff does it for the mission\the cause
then of course... a great deal of the effort to put on this event will involve volunteers

so... it may sound like a great deal of money with a glance at the entry fee cost and the number of participants
but I bet it is a fair price

I get it... times are tight... not everyone has a disposable income...
if a family of 5 were to want to attend this event
well...  that 50 dollar entry fee would add up pretty quickly
not sure... but I would think that there could be away to remedy this
perhaps "scholarship opportunities"
it would be awkward... but charging on a sliding scale?

a thought...
if you want to attend the event but can not afford the event... maybe you can volunteer at the event!?!??!

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