last week my job took me to the Anacostia Community Museum...

Anacostia Community Museum


this museum is at one of the ends of the Fort Dupont Trails

Fort Dupont

it is a great little museum
and little it is
a small space with a good deal of information
there is definitely room for more information
but I understand... for a map to contain full detail... it would need to be actual size

lots to learn
worth checking out

Musically there are some gaps... some serious gaps...
there are several nods to the Godfather of Go-Go; Chuck Brown
but there is no mention of Trouble Funk or Experience Unlimited
and then Bad Brains? 
The Bad Brains are not even on their radar

Trouble Funk

the DC vision of Marion Barry is different than how outsiders see the man
Marion Barry was a hero to the people of Washington DC
an urban leader who had love and concern for the poor
more to this man than the corruption and the drugs
Marion Barry


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