RACE REPORT: Stokesville 60\40 (information is old... just got some photos off the camera)

it has been a long time since I raced
it has been a long time since I wrote a "Race Report"

there was a time when I raced freqeuently
usually writing up a report that took me longer than the race
but those times have long since passed

the blog is blah
Twitter only allows so many characters
Tweeting is for the birds

I will start slapping the keys on the keyboard and see if anything spits out

this event was weeks and weeks ago...

everything is a faded memory
no details 
no catch phrases

but... I finally got the photos off my CF Card
so I will put those on the page along with some words

Stokesville 60\40 on Facebook

RACE REPORT: The 2016 Stokesville 60-40
it was the Friday night before the event
there had not been any mention of this approaching event
I had never heard of this event
so there was no consideration to attend this event

but I had DCMTB team mate and friend, Kent Baake, at my place for beers when the topic of this race came up
Kent being all mellow and positive presented this leg breaker of a day to me with the simple, "whatcha doing Sunday? Wanna do the Stokesville 60-40 with me, Jonathan, and MikeK?"
without much thought or consideration I gave MikeK a call to see if there was room in the car pool
when talking with Kent and then MikeK I thought this was going to be a mellow paced fun ride
then when I went to BikeReg to resister I realized that this was a race 

60K? 40K?
if a 10K is 6.2 miles I can easy estimate how many miles it would be to race the 60K versus the 40K
while logic and reason would have me racing the 40K
peer pressure and ego had me sign up for the 60K

so there it was... as easy as that

what are these images?
the images below are from the Crystal City Spins
the 2015 Crystal City Spins
Photos from the 2016 Crystal City Spins?
I think not... I have not and will not be able to attend any of these parking garage races

the responsibilities of adult life will not allow

good times for sure

saw all sorts of photos from this year
I missed out
I know it kicked ass

trying to take advantage of the warm weather and get some riding in
then of course
handling parental responsibilities


and of course

here are some images and some thoughts from the Stokesville 60\40...

Temp Results from the Stokesville 60\40

Mike K, Jonathan Seibold, myself, and Kent Baake
from the looks of the red cup... this shot was after the event
Mike and Jonathan Crushed it!
Kent and I Cruised it!

Kent Baake was my life coach heading into this event
I always enjoy Kents positive spirit
he always has a positive spin on things
had fun racing a good bit of the day with Kent by my side

Trailwerks Cyclery talking shop with The Family Bike Shop

Jonathan reflecting on the miles past

the Merriam\Sheldon Connection
I basically rode with a variety of Merriams and Sheldons on this day
good day hanging with the Merriam\Sheldons

great times down in Stokesville
the day was an adventure
great weather for an early season endurance race
more miles than I would have thought I was capable this early in the year
managed to finish first in the Clydesdales for the 60K

Stokesville Lodge

Chris hanging with the Stans No Tubes Crew

at a glance
it appears that I was the First Place Clydesdale Finisher
FINAL RESULTS for the 2016 Stokesville 60-40
it looks like I did finish first in the Clydesdales for the 60K!

Shenandoah Mountain 100

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