SPRING BREAK... DC is looking sleepy this AM... Grant is in Colorado on a ski vacation with his mom while Dean hangs back with me so he can attend his rowing spring break training camp!

these beach shots are a few years old...

spring break

my vacations in my future will be different than the vacations in my past
with the divorce\separation will come a number of changes
one of those changes
no more visits to see the inlaws in Marco Island

no more Pittsburgh visits
no more Marco Island visits

Marco Island and Pittsburgh

good times... good memories
fun times while they lasted
now to make new memories in a different place with a different design
the boys are too big to throw
they are larger and I am less strong

Dean will have two workouts a day with the Wilson Crew Team
should be fun...
the kids dig it
good group of kids

a number of the boys ride their fixed geared bikes to practices
so Dean will have people he can hang with
they can ride bikes in between the morning and afternoon sessions
do their skid and stand thing!

Rowing and Potomac

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