ah... life... and then bikes

me and my boys on top of the world
that is where we were
that is how it felt

vacation in Colorado

but really
you do not need to go out west to live life and ride bikes

there are all sorts of excellent local trails
so many are buff and fast... perfect for family riding
the above shots are from Rosaryville
there is a race at Rosaryville this weekend

Dean has a rowing race on Saturday
Grant has a travel soccer game on Sunday

I may try to get Dean on the bike for this EX2 Adventures Race

those shots are from NOLA
we did a trip to New Orleans a bit ago
the boys are so much bigger
still just kids... but big kids

kids that are better at saying no
kids that have their own plan on how to spend their time

the boys love video games
they also love hiking and riding their bikes
but the fight to get them away from the screens
it is a battle that has worn me out
almost ready to give up... but not yet

there is often a sign of hope
I hear the boys from time to time ask about Wakefield
a few years ago when I was working part time and handling the kids part time I was able to work the Wednesday at Wakefield with the boys

it would be great to see if I could get one or both of them to at least one Wakefield race
in the summers the boys will not have rowing or soccer
but they will have camp
and other such summer activities

a family vacation to someplace cool
someplace with mountain biking
well... that is something to consider
we have done Asheville... we did Raystown Lake
we could repeat those... but where else could be a good family destination for similar such activities

more photos of Dean than of Grant
hate to have the scales tip in one way over the other
love them both more than I can measure
they are different people
neither of them is loved more than the other

then the last photo
me racing... who am I racing... I am racing myself
on this day my brother was in my shadow
it has been a long time since I have had the legs or lungs to finish in front of that guy
but there was a time...

ah brothers...
siblings and their rivalry

Dean Grant Marc Joel
heck yeah!

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