CNN Decades Series on Netflix is FANTASTIC! so much to learn... so much to appreciate... so much to try to understand...

CNN the 60's

this weekend I watched the CNN documentary series THE SIXTIES

this documentary was FANTASTIC!

sure... just like any documentary it possesses as much perspective as it does fact... but wonderful just the same

loved the segment on JFK... great information especially after a conversation earlier this week with a co-worker who was a strong believer in the conspiracy theories... after seeing this... how could we not have our doubts... it is suspect to say the least

then I really found great appreciation to the Civil Rights Segment... WOW! the struggle... the wonderful happenstance for Kennedy to be president and to have Martin Luther King as an activist at the same time... what SYNERGY... then LBJ did some good work after the Kennedy assassination... our country has come a long way... we still have a ways to go... 

and then lastly the episode that focused on the British invasion really amused me because I had recently had a conversation with a millennial about the Beatles

it was a funny conversation...
in short... as our dogs sniffed each other in that dog sort of way we made small talk
this young man roughly 30 was wearing a t-shirt with a target
I was curious if he was aware of the MOD movement
or MOD MUSIC in general

Mod on the Gwadzilla Page

he had not heard of Modism or the use of the target as a symbol of that movement... but he did have a strong opinion on the Beatles

although he knew very little about the Beatles he wanted to refute the stand that the Beatles were the greatest rock and roll band of all time
he did not think their music was cutting edge or original

to me... I felt he needed to have a better understand about the time line of music and the creation of Rock and Roll
their greatness is not as important as their impact

well.. that is difficult for and I to understand
as neither of us were born when the Beatles were a band
the Beatles were broken up before I was born
John Lennon was dead before this kid was born

I tried to have him understand the time line
where the world was culturally
and how Rock and Roll was at its inception
he did not really get it

this CNN documentary series would be helpful for this kid
give him some background on the world and how certain things unfolded

I recommend to him and to you this CNN Series
my parting thought to this kid
"hating the Beatles is not an original thought"

Gwadzilla Beatles

amusing sidebar...
I was curious when I saw Abraham Zapruder... that name jumped out at me
I was curious... is this man related to the Zapruders that I went to high school with
sure enough... they interviewed Alexandra Zapruder who was Abraham's grand daughter
then who else was there 6 Degrees of Separation from?
there was one other... but forgotten

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