I arrived to work yesterday dehydrated... too much spitting on the windshield of drivers nearly killing me because their focus is on their phone rather than driving

Yesterday was a tough day...

there were moments where I resembled Robin Williams as Garp in the World According to Garp

the day started with my standard 6 mile urban commute

just blocks from my house I nearly got flattened by a woman more focused on her phone than me in the bike lane to her right
then blocks later when she caught up to me after my flipping her off she tried to discuss things
and when I say discuss... she tried to tell me how I was wrong...
listen bitch... you have two ears and one mouth... that means listen twice as much as you talk
and it is talking that started this conflict
you have noting to say that I need to hear unless it is, "I am sorry... I will be a more responsible driver in the future... you are correct I am a dumb bitch and I should not be on the phone while I drive no only because it is dangerous but because I am boring and have nothing significant going on in my life worth sharing with anyone else"
but no... she had to tell me how I should have signaled
well... back it up lady!
we need to understand that I do not need to signal... I need to hang on tight and have my fingers near the brakes because you are not the only loser behind the wheel on these roads

then the way home was more of the same...

after rushing home to get in the car to cross town and pick up my boys I encountered more of the same

only this time... I was in my car... not on my bike... the poor driving habits are now less about threatening my life but denting my car

on Rock Creek Parkway a car did an obnoxious U-Turn
I let them slide
but then they were driving at a sub 20 mile hour pace in a 25MPH zone
safety is cool... I was not so irked

maybe this person is not comfortable with the curvy road
maybe they are just trying to be safe...
so I backed off
until the driver passed a cyclist a little close on a blind turn I then realized... their driving style is not about safety
they are not talking to their toddler in the kid seat

I was livid... what an asshole... I wish I was in the Batmobile so I could launch a Polaris missile their way

then when picking up my son my heart was racing and I had no patience for anyone
when I got out of my car I made notice of the gravel in the bike lane
there are Bike Lanes on 2000 Block of Park Road because of a traffic calming initiative that I spearheaded when I lived on the block
there is gravel in the bike lane

but... the white line and about 18 inches into the bike lane there is no gravel...why?

the gravel is missing in the Bike Lane on the 2000 Block of Park Road because so many cars can not keep it in the lane

so when I got out of my car with the do I looked down hill
the two cars coming up hill both had their passenger side tires inside the bike lane... cruising close to the parked cars

F-ing F-ers!

I waved for them to move back into the lane...  as they passed I saw that the first person was on the phone
really people... I am pro-Choice... I wish your mother had exercised that choice
not only do I cross this street... but this is a residential neighborhood where my kids and other kids cross this street
keep up your side of the bargain... keep in the lane... be alert... drive sensibly.. stop being such a F-er!

sorry... rainy days and assholes piss me off

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