Rock Creek Park... I could not exist in DC without Rock Creek Park...

that is supposed to be "Short but Sweet Hike with Dean"
want to throw down words... but not going to
I said what I wanted to say before
chase this link
my words now are more than likely similar to my words before

Didg the Dog enjoys Rock Creek
Rock Creek Park is part of our everyday

this weekend Dean and I went for a road bike ride in Rock Creek Park
I put Dean on my 1X9 Cyclocross bike
it was his first ride with Time Pedals
clipless is new to him
but on the long ride with only a few stops it was no issue

Dean ROCKED it!
both my boys rock it on the bike... need to get them on the bike more often
need to get on dirt
need to get the boys on bikes on dirt
it is tough
tough for me to motivate
tough for me to motivate them

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