Silver Haired Road Cyclist... meeting a friend out front the White House to go for a spin...

out front the White House
patiently waiting.

Let's Move!
Obama's House!

Who will be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Next?

nice snapping some shots of people on their bikes
most people like it... some people don't

the newbies are less accepting
somehow they do not feel the allegiance
which is fine
I really do not see the newbies as cyclist
most of them are millennials in the way

not a fan of the millennials with their good intentions
dual majors and no knowledge
self confidence with nothing to back it up
I guess I am just a curmudgeon 

I guess I feel about the next generation the way the generation before me felt about me
perpetuating the cycle from the bike

this woman was pleasant... clearly not a millennial 

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