Washington DC... there is no shortage of interesting places to visit... many as beautiful as they are interesting... Congressional Cemetery is a MUST VISIT for DC Residents!

Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC on Capital Hill 

Congressional Cemetery

When Searching the Gwadzilla Page for Congressional and then Cemetery 
well... what do you get?
you guessed it... fantastic randomness
chase these links
talk about alleycats and of course bikes
well worth a glance

Congressional and then Cemetery

Didg digs the cemetery and all of the dogs that frequent this space

Good Dog Didg!

last night young Grant had soccer practice on "the hill"
while Grant practices I usually walk the dog
depending upon where on the hill the practices are held will dictate where I walk the dog
when the practices are on Ridge Road... I take the dog and sometimes the bike into Fort Dupont
when they practice at the Marine Barrack I usually head over to Congressional Cemetery

sometimes I also try to go grocery shopping
I need to go grocery shopping
I should have gone grocery shopping
my slow walking tour with a very helpful dog walker kept me from going grocery shopping

Congressional Cemetery is open to the public
dog walkers... to walk your dog in Congressional Cemetery you need to be a member of a Coop
K9 Corps at Congressional Cemetery

no... I am not a member of the Congressional Cemetery K9 Corps
but... I feel like my infrequent visits are a victim-less crime
if a crime at all
I flexed the same logic at Rosedale a dog coop in Cleveland Park

Rosedale and Cleveland Park on the Gwadzilla page

what is my logic?

as a dog owner\dog walker in NW DC I have done extensive trail clean up and trail work in Rock Creek Park
for years I cleaned up the park when the parks were more popular for the party culture
moving and removing fallen branches and limbs
in addition to beer bottle and cans I have cleaned up areas from where homeless people had set up temporary camps

it seems like a fair balance
I have given back to the trails that give so much to me
I have made the trails better for all trail users including dog walkers

that is my logic
flawed as it may be

Congressional Cemetery is a beautiful spot with much history
last night I learned that recently deceased Mayor Marion Barry is scheduled to have a plot at Congressional Cemetery

Mayor and Barry on the Gwadzilla Page

there are so many "secret spots" in dc
they are not necessarily secrets
yet... they are still quasi secret
the Congressional Cemetery is up there with the Botanical Gardens and the Arboretum as DC THINGS TO DO!

and the Congressional Cemetery is not the only cemetery of interest in the District
yet... there are only a few others that are on my infrequent routine
if you have not been... I say go... spring being the best time to visit
but... be aware... this is a "dog park"
there will be dogs off leash running around
most dogs in control... I have yet to hear of an incident
well... that is not true... there was a dog on dog incident there earlier this year
but for the most part... the dogs are well behaved enough

yes lots of famous people buried in Congressional Cemetery
List of Famous People Buried in Congressional Cemetery

perhaps the most famous person buried in this cemetery is J Edgar Hoover
but what makes this grave more interesting is the rose grave stone a few plots away from Hoover's fenced in plot
that plot of interest is Clyde Tolson... the Associate Director of the FBI under Hoover
it is commonly shared as fact that Clyde Tolson and J Edgar Hoover were long time lovers
Clyde Tolson on the Wiki Page

that is interesting... 
now... was Hoover a cross dresser?
is J Edgar Hoover buried in men's or woman's clothing?
I do not know... but it is all interesting to me
or at least amusing

so yes... the Congressional Cemetery is a wonderful destination
in addition to walking my dog there from time to time
I have ridden by bike there and tour the grounds sans dog
I recommend checking it out

feel free to recommend any other DC Secret Spots

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