ah... breathe... here are is a link to 10 Steps to Peace... and why I flipped you off and spit on your windshield

Bernie formerly "Black Cat Bernie" shared a link with me; 10 Steps to Peace
10 Steps to Peace

I do need to chill
I do need to release my anger
yoga would help... it has been too long since I had a regular yoga practice
people sucking less would also help with my anger

so.. why did I spit on your windshield and flip you off?
oh... you did not see the spit or the finger? THAT IS BECAUSE YOU DO NOT SEE ME! (or other cyclists or pedestrians)

you were focused on your cell phone
did you almost hit me? not today... but that does not make it okay

today my kids rode their bikes to school
your ill attentive driving style scares me
they also cross streets and you put all those around you at risk when you drive
so... if you are driving near my kids... you are putting my kids at risk

in all honestly... the roads are dangerous enough for pedestrians and cyclists without the cell phone
add the cell phone
and shit
the braille dashboard is in effect

Bernie and Black Cat

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