curb side score... rusty... dusty... and in need of love... I grabbed it with a promise to myself to turn it around fast or chuck it!

driving cross town with my younger son Grant the other day I saw this chair...
basic bar stool
it was rusty
it was crusty
it was in need of some love

total Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I looped back to grab it
my son Grant was not so sure of my find
Grant did not think that this chair was worth picking up
I thought I could prove him wrong

as I loaded the chair into the back of the Honda Element I made myself a promise.... I would only grab it if I would clean it up almost immediately
the chair could not sit as a project on my "Things to Do List"
as that list is more like a "Things that Will Never Get Done List!"

when I was in the Parking Lot at the Home Depot I went to get my empty propane tanks from the back of my vehicle
when I opened the hatch I saw the chair
before slamming the door shut and getting the tanks from the back seat I reminded myself of my promise

so when in Home Depot I grabbed some sand paper and some spray paint
sure I have spray paint and some sand paper
but rather than waste time digging for something that I may not find
I purchased some red paint and two different grit sand papers

the job was quick... not shooting for perfect... just looking for better

tried to remove the cushions... seat cushion was rusted into place... backing came off fine
did some quick swaps with the metal brush
then some quick hits with the sand paper
pulled some tape and tapped the seat
then started spraying

things were try the next morning
reassembled the chair


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