Dean and Grant rode their bikes to school together today... from the house in Manor Park!

it has been raining pretty much in some capacity every day for the last few weeks
today Dean has afternoon rowing practice
Grant does not have any activities
so... the boys opted to ride their bikes to school today

tried to have the boys set everything out last night
yet still... this morning we were searching for shoes and keys

the boys left out 15 minutes later than desired
but really
we do not know how long it will take them to get to school
we have a solid guestimation... but no real data

hope they were safe

car drivers suck
car drivers really suck
and you know what
car drivers suck more during rush hour
car drivers suck even more when it is raining

it scares me to think that my kids have to ride on the same streets as the idiots and assholes that are behind the wheel

it is true
people are either idiots or assholes

chase those links
chase some of these other links
but beyond that
if you must use your cell phone in the car... wait for the red light or pull over

and this one with Dean talks about Lyme

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