he said he was sorry... which is better than not saying he is sorry... but "I am sorry" is so often paired with "it was an accident"

as a father I can be gruff
saying things to my boys like  "it has to be more than just saying your are sorry... I need to see changed behavior"

yesterday the multi-use bike paths were crowded... more runners than anything else

more runners doing what they do
-running against traffic
-turning around (button hooking) whenever they choose
-not granting other's their right of way
and of course
-blind to their surroundings with their headphones

that joker on the Mount Vernon Trail just outside of Rosslyn was just a classic runner
doing his thing... forcing the world to adapt around him

running on the outside of the bike trail against the flow... re-entering the bike path... cutting off a few down hill runners...  stepping in my way to dodge a downhill cyclist... then retreating off trail after causing near catastrophic collision

I was pleased that the downhill cyclist did not solver her problems by running head on into me

at the light I waited for the runner
when he arrived he tried to tell me that he did not want a "lecture"


your words to the passing cyclist are not enough
you owe all of us an apology
anyone within a hundred yards of you


I don't want a lecture either

but when you are wrong... you need to bow your head and take it

I am sure that this guy is going to go about his day and do things just as he has been doing them

no change
with no change there is no reason to accept that excuse

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