how do we educate car drivers about cyclists' right to the roadway? it seems that my spitting and cussing is not aiding to educate

yesterday I was honked at by a car... I politely waited for them to approach...
looped back and tried to have a polite dignified conversation

in under 3 seconds I was yelling and screaming
profanity trumped logic and reason

we each just spoke our points louder than the other
the car driver believing what so many drivers in the district believe... that I am supposed to just get out of their way

Potomac Pedalers spell out the laws in simple language

seriously though...

how do we get the word out?

she said I was taking up two lanes
I agree... I am still carrying some winter weight

but two lanes?

what the car driver does not understand is that I have as much right to space on the road as she or anyone else does

I was in the main lane
the right hand lane at this point involves parking cars... cars pulling into the alleyways, or cars getting ready to take a left turn
I was where I needed to be

why do I zig and zag around while I ride... I am trying to avoid DEATH

I am putting myself where I am most safe
trying to anticipate the car drivers around me as they do not see me therefore they are not expecting me to be where I am

so... I move to where I am most safe

it is pretty simple

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