Photos from the DC Leg of the Triple Crown... DC's DEAD PRESIDENT'S ALLEYCAT

Andy Zalan aka AZ
the master of ceremonies... the host of the Dead President's Alleycat
(with the help of Neil and a cast of volunteers)

Dead President's Alleycat on Facebook
and then

Alleycat and Marcus Cook

good times for sure... great getting together with friends
old and new
surprised Larry aka LA Law was not racing

Brandon in town from New York
Brandon had a book of cycling images
there he is with Bruce Buckley the background
makes me think about my need to do something with my archives of images

Bruce did not have his best race... Bruce made some tactical errors... not Bruce's usual style

Chocolate City Cycling ROCKED IT!

NYC Messenger Austin Horse was in town for the Triple Crown
good dude... amazing cyclist

Kevin made a pass through the park... although he opted not to race

Morgan Scored High and Ended Up Winning the Series for the Men

Paul was supporting the event by taking some stellar shots.. as usual

Peter aka Suave was a tour guide for a pack of racers

proceeds from this event went to the COURIER EMERGENCY MEDICAL FUND
this is Rico
decades ago Rico suffered a serious head trauma as a bicycle messenger here in DC
glad to see him out and about
sad that he did not recover to 100%
stoked that his injuries were not worse and he recovered as well as he did


Michael Daily was in town for the event
here he was handing out flyers for his Philly Event

more photos to be dropped onto the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

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