ROAD RAGE... I have got it! RED BULL ROAD RAGE minus the taurine

I admit it...
I have road rage...
the way people drive irks me...
beyond irks me... it pisses me off

the cell phone usage
the texting and the yammering
all of it
put the phone in your purse...  yes sir... your purse

yesterday I was driving my younger son to soccer practice
it is a hectic affair
I rush out of work on my bike... get home... change clothes... grab the dog... get in my car... cross town and grab my son

at my son's "other" house I am appalled by the driving styles of the cars speeding up and down the 2000 Block of Park Road
the road has bike lanes... bike lanes that were put there after I hosted a series of community meetings and pushed the powers that be to slap some white strips on this heavily trafficked bicycle route into Rock Creek Park

when exiting my car I looked down hill at the cars heading up hill
I was aware of this issue... it is clear that cars are intentionally driving with their outside set of tires inside the bike lane along side the parked cars
as I stood in the bike lane along side my car I motioned for the approaching cars to re-enter the road
they swerved out and around me and then back into that lane

that was just the start of things...
my son came out and we glanced at the clock
we were going to be late
there is only so much I can do about getting him to practice on time
we would have had to have left earlier... work did not allow

in the car we started our cross town trek
breathe in breathe out... breathe in breathe out

I tried to drive efficiently
not trying to force anything that is not going to happen
cars and car drivers were pissing me off all over the place
their actions lack reason and purpose

ignorance abounds

moving across town as I exited Washington Circle on Massachusetts Avenue the car in the right lane enters my lane
I need to break to avoid a certain collision
as this happens I am in mid conversation with my son discussing his bicycle ride home from school

as I settle in behind the car that blindly cut me off I notice... not only is she a shitty driver
but she is on the cell phone
here I am talking to my son about his need to be careful
when I am encountering the dangers of life on the bike all around me

I pull up along side of this woman and start in on her
I make mention of her cutting me off
then I make mention of the phone
she sits poised talking on the phone

inappropriate language
inappropriate behavior
I am f-cking pissed

she could have crashed my car
she could easily kill a cyclist
she could kill me
she could kill one of my boys
she is public enemy number one

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