there is an age old irony...


Everyone wants a photo of themselves...

if I were to ask before taking the photo... I would miss the shot

if I got the shot and the shot were epic... you would be thankful

and then also this
if my actions please 99 out of a hundred people
I will not stop my actions due to the displeasure of that one

then lastly
when we go out into public
we give up certain rights to privacy
having our photo taken is one of those things

my aim is not to offend... but to inspire and entertain

am I sorry... well... I am sorry that my efforts with the camera may offend a few people
but I have found that my actions please many more

so... relax

this morning I snapped a few photos
one of a woman on her cell phone while driving... she flipped me off... then told me "this is America... she can do whatever the F she wants!"
to which I reminded her... it is against the law to talk on the cell phone while driving

she alerted me to the notion that I break all sorts of laws on my bike... I did not deny this
but I reminded her

when I break the law on my bike... I put myself at risk
when she breaks the in her car... she puts everyone around her at risk
very different

then minutes later I snapped a shot of another woman...
she asked that I delete it... she was nice enough
I told her I did not feel like having that conversation
had that conversation before

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julie said...

Hi Joel
your white male privelege is showing. I think you should delete pics when people ask. Yesterday on my 6.5 mile commute home from work, in addition to all the driving stupidity i encountered which is just regular for all of us, i also had 1 car full of bros comment on my tits, another just go 'wooo', and a third stare at me instead of forward as he drove perpendicularly past me at a red light. there is a large aspect of being a woman on a bike that you may not get on a visceral level. it is exhausting. to have a fellow cyclist contribute to that, even unintentionally, even though you're dealing with your own bicycling adversity, kind of hurts.
Julie Wolf (the wife of one of your past teammates)