Wilson Freshman 8 Wins at WIMIRA and earns slot to go to the Nationals

my older son Dean holding the trophy from the MIMIRA regatta this weekend past
not my photo... I was not there to support the racers
I did drive Dean there... that seems like a good amount of support at 6AM on a Saturday
it can be a long day and a short race

No, I was not there to see the race... but I enjoyed the update as told to me by my son
it was a nice synopsis
more words than the usual "good"
I really enjoyed the ending

not just the come from behind victory after a less than stellar start for the Wilson Freshman 8
but the reaction of the Gonzaga rowing coach
the lack of positive sportsmanship after losing from the coach of Gonzaga only made the thought of them winning that much more appealing

but that raises the gauntlet
as Gonzaga will approach the Nationals in an effort to regain their lead position
hopefully the Wilson Freshman 8 goes to the nationals well rested and ready to race
then to race at their best
in sync and with power
fingers crossed... not the rowers... the supporters of the rowers

last time I blogged about Gonzaga the rants pertained to my being harassed by Gonzaga teens behind the wheel
|the adolescent behavior was not what irked me the most
it was the fact that I called the Dean of Students... not my son Dean... but the Gonzaga Dean of Students... that asshole never returned my call... and I called several times

Good Luck Wilson Tigers!
let the chips fall.. let them fall where they may!

your efforts are your reward
the journey is the destination
the trophy is the brass ring
but walking away with the trophy is not the only way to measure success

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