Happy Birthday Dean... Dean turns 15!

the days can drag on...
while the years will fly by
it is an amazing trick that time plays on us

it seems like yesterday I could throw this kid in the pool
now I can barely lift him off the ground
Dean is challenging me on the bike in the woods
ready to wrestle with his strong arms and over sized hands
trying to claim the spot of King of the Mountain

but not yet...


as Dean's Birthday approached we discussed the options
there was talk of the traditional pool party at his grandfather's
but I opted for a party at the new house in Manor Park
party at Quackenbos

Dean was amendable to the notion of a party in Manor Park
Dean also agreed that he would handle the invite and the purchase of food
the initial plan was for a Saturday Party
but with kids rushing off to vacation and camp we bumped it up to Friday and then Thursday
all that said... our party invites were going on on Wednesday for the following day

easier said than done...
most often planning goes through the "moms"
Dean group texted his friends... everyone said yes... no one knowing that they were already scheduled for something else
so when I got home early from work on Thursday Dean was telling me that his short list of attendees had gotten shorter

he was not sad... but he was let down
me... I would have taken it personally even if it wasn't meant as such

I had Dean try to text he rowing buddies to see if they could make a showing
in not much time two friends were at the door and I was sending them out with a list and some money to buy food for the day
while they were out... I drove across down to grab my nephews Eric and Conrad...
unexpected guests... but two of Dean's favorite people

Eric and Conrad

when I returned with the cousins
I organized troops and we marched to the Takoma Rec Center with croquet and Kan Jam

it was a good number... 5 kids and then me
six being the perfect number for singles or doubles of croquet
also good paring for two on two Kan Jam
the games were intense... high level of positive competition

I won...
yes I won croquet and Kan Jam
but really I won because I helped to deliver a day that was special for my now 15 year old son Dean
everyone had fun
hopefully they had a day to remember

after the games we returned to Quackenbos for some food
the watermelon was delicious
the food of the grill was fantastic
Tim at the ice cream straight from the gallon container... I was tempted to make him finish the whole thing

we had fun... I felt as if I had achieved my goal
was bummed that some of Dean's friends were not able to attend
one friend had been to Dean's birthday parties since pre-k
missing this year really broke a streak

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